International Conference On Electronics, Communication, Computer Technologies and Optimization Techniques (ICEECCOT-2017)
15 - 16 December 2017

GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women

(Affiliated to VTU Belagavi, Appro

ved by AICTE-New Delhi & Govt. Of Karnataka)

Accredited Branches by NBA, New Delhi UG - ECE / CSE / ISE / TE / IT (Validity: 01.07.2017 - 30.06.2020)

Sl. No Best Paper Title Author
1 Human Behavior Recognition based on Hand Written Cursives by SVM Classifier Syeda Asra and Dr. Shubhangi D. C
2 An Optimized Feature Selection CBIR Technique using ANN Thusnavis Bella Mary.I, Dr.A. Vasuki , M.A.P Manimekalai
3 Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Character Detection in Devanagari Script Input Based P300 Speller Ghanahshyam B. Kshirsagar and Dr. Narendra D. Londhe
4 Ant & Bee Inspired Foraging Swarm Robots using Computer Vision Harish Verlekar and Kashyap Joshi
5 Experimental Analysis of Conventional Buck and Boost Converter with Integrated Dual O/P Converter P. Sriramalakshmi and V.S Vishnu Theja
6 Command Driven Scalable & Programmable FPGA Based Digital Test Pattern Generator Manjula C and Jayadevappa D
7 A Comparative Study of the Magnetic Field Homogeneity for Circular, Square and Equilateral Triangular Helmholtz Coils Andrés Fernando Restrepo Alvarez, Edinson Franco Mejía, Héctor Cadavid Ramírez and Carlos Rafael Pinedo Jaramillo
8 Design & Analysis of Super Agent Node to Detect Malignant Nodes through Event-based Trust Model In Wireless Sensor Networks Masthan Ali, Dr.Ali Ahammed G.F and Dr.Reshma Banu
9 Real Time Speech - Interactive Bomb Disposal Robot Rakshith B N, Prithvi Prakash, Sandesh Joy Fernandes and Rahul Syed
10 A Novel IoT Based Framework for Blood Glucose Examination Guru Prasad M B and Nayana G B
11 Modified Topology-Hiding Multipath Routing (M-THMR) Protocol: Solution to the Topology Exposure Problem in MANET Akshay Suhas Phalke and Jyoti Lagad
12 A Novel Algorithm For Locating Region of Interest In Breast Ultra Sound Images Stafford Michahial and Dr.Bindu Thomas
13 Implementation of 5-32 address decoders for SRAM memory in 180nm technology Bagamma Naragund, Prasad Ravi, Dr.Vasundara Patel K S
14 Design And Simulation Of Low Drop Out Voltage Using 180nm Cmos Technology Premchand D R and Dr. Eranna U
15 Design and Implementation of Real Time Wireless System for Vehicle safety and Vehicle to Vehicle communication Mallikarjuna Gowda C.P, Raju Hajare, Dr. C S Mala, Rakshith. K R, Anuj R Nadig and Prarthana P
16 Inter Frame Video Coding In Advanced Video Coding Standard H.264 Using Template Matching Technique Kotramma Bavi, Dr.N Manja Naik, Dr. Parameshachari B D,Dr. Reshma Banu and Dr. Rajashekarappa
17 An Intelligent Report Generator for Efficient Farming Shiny Rajendrakumar, Dr. Rajashekarappa, Vasudev K Parvati, Dr. Parameshachari B D
18 AMPO: Algorithm for MapReduce Performance Optimization for Enhancing Big Data Analytics Nandita Yambem and Dr.Nandakumar A.N
19 Experimenting with Scalability of Floodlight Controller in Software Defined Networks Saleh Asadollahi and Bhargavi Goswami